La symétrie des différences

Video Installation

Video installation comprising four simultaneous looped projections facing one another and projected on four white volumes.

Materials: four computers; four video projectors; four gypsum board walls; white paint

La symétrie des differences involves activating an experience through multiple surfaces and times. In a large black room, four white volumes face one another and become alternating projection surfaces for video images that are sometimes the same, sometimes different. Each time an image is projected, the volume “empties,” becoming a plane. As the volumes oscillate between their architectural and screen-like dimensions, they create a space within a space, a destabilizing occurrence producing a sensation in which time, invisible yet present, is isolated. It is an open representation of a mental universe that allows each viewer to interiorize space through the intermixing of mythical and real time. Projecting images on separate volumes creates a tension in which the viewer may construct his or her own narration from what is seen: a man seen from behind walks toward the horizon and exits the frame on the right; a nude woman is seated, immobile, in a living room with the noise of a television set in the background; we endlessly advance along railroad tracks toward a split horizon; a bluish, backlit landscape continuously appears and disappears.