Une maison, un souffle (A House, A Breath)

Video and sound installation

Video and sound installation with multiple projections, A House, A Breath, A Landscape proposes a fiction from images rendered as though they were paintings, integrating performative actions inspired by Greek mythology but also burning furniture, a reduced scale house, a pair of wolf-dogs... giving rise to free associations that feed the story of this virtual house. The images become the building blocks of an open narrative that the viewer creates.

The installation is laid out like an apartment whose configuration guides the viewer's path in different interiors and exteriors. It creates the illusion of a place and composes an imagined architecture contained within an imagined landscape. A House, A Breath, A Landscape is a space where each person can construct his or her own temporal frame work and explore the narrative possibilities of an arrangement in which video takes on an almost material quality.

Project funded by Conseil des arts du Canada Co-production: Recto Verso, La Bande Vidéo, Spirafilm, Studio Élément.