Kromatska trilogija (Trilogie Chromatique)

In our collective project (Jean-François Côté, Slobodan Radosavljevic and Branka Kopecki) entitled "Chromatic trilogy", we explore the notion of space and its topologies by multiplying the relationships between installation, video and architecture.

Concretely, during our residency in Dubrovnik, we crossed our respective competences in order to realize an interdisciplinary project which integrated to the ruins of old Dubrovnik intertwining video multiprojections on the walls of the enclosure and installation of objects creating a route for the spectator through the different architectural spaces. The capture device is composed of an infrared camera that allows a real-time interaction with the viewer and a simultaneous spatialization of the projected image.

Thanks: Studio Let 777, Božidar Jurjević, Jelka Tepšić, City of Dubrovnik, Lazareti Center and City of Quebec.